Petrol ECU Remapping For Performance

Perfomance ECU Remapping

Performance ECU Remapping

It has been proven time and time again that an ECU Remap can unlock significant power and torque increases in a wide range of vehicles. Although significant gains can be realised with diesel vehicles we have also invested heavily in petrol ECU remapping for performance.

The custom ECU remap means that our dealers can take into account any other modifications you may have already completed. We take into account a wide range of parameters and tables and can realise excellent gains across a wide range of vehicles by examining factors such as turbo boost, fuelling, ignition timing etc.

We have spent significant time developing our tunes for a wide range of vehicles and by utilising our business partnerships we are able to offer unparalleled quality. By working with international OEM partners we can offer performance ECU tunes benefit not just from our extensive knowledge base but give you access to world best tuners and experience.  The benefit to you is clear with Advanced Vehicle Remapping. Our nationwide dealer network and international affiliations means we have unrivalled expertise.

  • Power

    Power increases from 5% for naturally aspirated vehicles to up to 25% for high performance turbo applications.

  • Torque

    Remapping can unlock not just raw power gains but increases drivability and real world performance by not just focusing on absolute numbers but “area under the curve”. That is more torque available more of the time. This is what brings real world driving satisfaction.

  • Speed Limiter Removal

    Many european vehicles come with top speed limiters which can be removed for your ultimate driving pleasure.

We offer a wide range of performance ECU remapping solutions for Australian consumers and tuning professionals.

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