100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're happy to stand by our work.

An Advanced Vehicle Remapping ECU Remap can unlock significant power and torque increases whilst ensuring your vehicle is still a great daily driver.

The custom ECU remap means that our dealers can take into account any other modifications you may have already completed. We are able to tune a multitude of aspects of the ECU which are not available via a tuning or piggy back unit and this gives you great opportunities for customisation.

We have spent significant time developing our tunes with input from users and extensive dyno testing. The benefit to you is clear with Advanced Vehicle Remapping. Our nationwide dealer network and international affiliations means we have unrivalled expertise.

Our no fuss warranty is clear: If you’re not happy you get a refund. Simple.

We want to make ECU remapping a safe and worthwhile modification for your pride and joy. We know we offer safe and reliable tunes that offer great performance gains whilst still operating within OEM tolerances and specifications. Thats why we are happy to stand by our work and offer our no bullshit 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy we can return your vehicle to standard and offer a full refund.

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