Toyota Landcruiser ECU Remapping

Toyota Landcruiser Remapping

The Toyota Landcruiser is a staple on Australian roads and for good reason. We can offer our Toyota customers ECU tuning with serious gains across the entire rev range. The optimisation of multiple ECU Parameters and maps means that an ECU Remap can unlock significant power and torque increases whilst maintaining ensuring the truck is still a great daily driver. We always take into account supporting mods and our dealer network is Australia wide which means we can develop our upgrades with input from a huge range of conditions and also expert feedback.

We are able to tune a multitude of aspects of the ECU which are not available via a chip tuning or piggy back unit and this gives you great opportunities for customisation.

We have spent significant time developing our base tune. The benefit to you is clear with Advanced Vehicle Remapping. Our nationwide dealer network and international affiliations means we have unrivalled experience and back up.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all tunes.

  • Power

    Large gains across the rev range from 25 – 50% depending on supporting mods.

  • Torque

    Unlock Serious torque gains across the rev range. Great low down drivability.

  • 100% Quality

    Serious performance gains tested in the real world and developed on the dyno.

We are confident performing ECU upgrades on even the latest model Toyota Landcruiser and can offer ECU Remaps where many others can't. Ask us today about exactly what gains you can expect on your model.

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